Book Review: The Little Paris Bookshop by Nina George

Little Paris Bookshop (2)As a bibliophile, I can’t resist a book that is about books or in which books play an important role in the story. I was drawn to this book by the title alone because it was clear that books provided at least the setting for the story even if they didn’t play into the story itself. Well, to my enjoyment, they did both.

Jean Perdu is a man who owns a floating bookstore, the Literary Apothecary, in which he uses books as a prescription for whatever someone may be experiencing at the time – heartbreak, love, and growing up to name a few. I loved this character because he was unique and honest with people. He not only loved books but appreciated them. Unfortunately, Jean could not prescribe something for his own broken heart.  Upon finally reading a letter his love had sent him twenty years earlier after she disappeared on him, Monsieur Perdu quickly sets sail on the Literary Apothecary to find the healing he has longed for. Interesting supporting characters are introduced along the way as he prescribes his book “medicine” to those he meets throughout his journey. Keep on Reading!