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My name is Kait, and my husband and I live in the Northeastern U.S. with our dogs. After twelve years of working in the customer service field, we decided it was time for me to pursue my dream of working in the field I love: books! Having halted my education with my high school diploma, I applied to college and at age thirty-two became a freshman at the State University of New York at Buffalo State.

In the summer of 2016, I launched my blog with the intention of having a creative place to share my love of books. Since starting Kait’s Bookshelf I have realized the need for freelance writers, particularly to write blogs and online content, as well as the need for editors, honest manuscript critiques, and book reviews. In 2017 I received my B.A. in Writing and expanded Kait’s Bookshelf to include literary services in addition to the book blog.

I am a published author and freelance writer with experience in writing for a variety of industries. Please feel free to visit my LinkedIn page for my professional profile as well as my Online Writing Portfolio for writing samples.

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