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My Christmas Dream Come True!


christmastime-in-new-york-cityYears and years ago I came across a picture book called Christmastime in New York City by Roxie Munro. I fell in love with this book! It is strictly a picture book – no story included. It is a beautiful showcase of the artist’s skills and contains picture after picture of New York City all decorated for Christmas.

I loved this book so much because I had never been to New York City at Christmastime and I had always imagined it would be magical. Though to be fair, I think just about everywhere becomes magical at Christmastime! For me, flipping through this book was the next best thing to being there in person.

Last year, my sweet hubby helped me check Christmas in New York City off my bucket list by taking me to Manhattan in mid-December. It was a wonderful day and I was able to visit many of the sites in the book.

windowsThe book showed store windows decorated for Christmas, and our first stop was Macy’s where the windows were decorated with a Charlie Brown Christmas – my favorite Christmas special!macys-windows


skyline2Next we went up the Empire State Building to get the best view of Manhattan! I could have spent all day up there in awe of that amazing city.skyline

We did so many things that day including visiting the American Museum of Natural History and Hayden Planetarium, lunch in Times Square, shopping in Macy’s, and strolling down Fifth Avenue. We concluded our day with my ultimate dream come true…the Christmas tree in Rockefeller Center! It was just as incredible as I had always imagined it would be!christmastime-in-new-york-city_collage

The whole day was quite a magical experience for me, getting to live out my favorite picture book! I felt like I was having my own Baby’s Day Out experience – you know, the ‘90s movie where the little boy ends up doing everything from his favorite picture book. (Okay, now make me feel less old and please tell me you did not have to google that movie!)

What about you? Have you ever had the chance to live out an experience you read about or saw in a book, picture or otherwise?

– Kait

Author: kaitsbookshelf

I am a freelance writer and published author of multiple juvenile nonfiction books and a member of the Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators. I'm also a book reviewer and blogger.

2 thoughts on “My Christmas Dream Come True!

  1. Awww, Kait – Thank you for your kind comments! How wonderful that you came to this great city at such a lovely time of the year. Fun, isn’t it!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yes! Thank you so much for commenting on my post, I am honored! I love your book, it is one of my “Christmas classics” that I pull out every year. It’s just beautiful and magical!


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