New Scary Stories for Kids!

The humid summer weather is finally letting up here, bringing a welcome rush of cool air. There’s nothing quite like opening the windows and having that fresh, crisp air breeze through the house. Of course with the cooler weather comes back to school followed by all things Halloween. I was surprised to see Halloween décor hitting shelves in August, but now that we’re a couple of weeks from October, I don’t mind it so much. I really enjoyed the displays of scary stories I saw at the bookstore this week. There was something for everyone, from Stephen King’s newest release, The Institute, to middle grade scary stories and even Halloween and monster themed picture and board books for kiddos. Today I’ll be reviewing two new children’s picture books that have released just in time for scary story season.

kaits-bookshelf-snack-attack-e1568407759514.jpgSnack Attack! by Terry Border

This new picture book is not specifically a Halloween story, but it does deal with monsters…of the young human kind! Snack foods Cookie, Pretzel, and Cheese Doodle decide to leave their packages to have a fun day out in the kitchen. And they do have a fun day out, until they realize that they are going to be eaten by a monster when it gets home from school. They try to think of ways to save themselves, like rolling on the floor to invoke the five-second-rule! This story was filled with clever puns and humor and put a fun spin on monster stories. Border uses his signature Bent Objects method of illustrating – photographing snack foods with wire arms and legs. The publisher recommends Snack Attack for ages 3-7. I personally found this book creative and entertaining and would recommend it for fans of Creepy Carrots!


kaits-bookshelf-moldilocks-and-the-three-scares.jpgMoldilocks and the Three Scares by Lynne Marie

Moldilocks and the Three Scares is just what it sounds like – A fun zombie version of Goldilocks and the Three Bears. Papa Scare, Mama Scare, and Baby Scare live in a haunted house but go out for the night. When they return, they discover a zombie girl has been eating their soup, sitting in their chairs, and sleeping in their beds. Will they oust the zombie and banish her back to the grave yard? Or will the little zombie girl find a place to belong? This is a cute twist on the classic Goldilocks story perfect for fans of monsters, zombies, and Halloween. While filled with scary characters and settings, the overall message of an outcast finding a place to belong is heartwarming. The publisher recommends this book for ages 4-8, and I personally recommend it for any kiddos who love monsters, zombies, scary stories, and Halloween.

Do you and your kiddos or students have a favorite scary story? Feel free to share it in the comments. Happy reading!

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