Book Review: A Man Called Ove by Fredrik Backman


“He’d discovered that he liked houses. Maybe mostly because they were understandable. They could be calculated and drawn on paper. They did not leak if they were made watertight; they did not collapse if they were properly supported. Houses were fair, they gave you what you deserved. Which, unfortunately, was more than one could say about people.” – A Man Called Ove

While picking up a stack of books for work at the library, I happened to browse the fiction section on my way out. Okay, I made a hard right away from the exit because I’m a book addict who can’t not browse books if there are books to browse.

My eyes wandered over the books available to check out, scanning for familiar authors, genres, and titles on my TBR list before landing on one title in particular, A Man Called Ove.

I have been anxious to read Fredrik Backman for some time. Titles like A Man Called Ove and My Grandmother Asked Me to Tell You She’s Sorry have been popping up in my Instagram feed for a while now, piquing my curiosity. I’ve heard Ove described by some as being among their favorite books and in their top-rated books, which only made me more curious.

Did I have a bag filled with books to be read for work? Yes. Did I have another stack of review copies to read at home? Yes. Did I hesitate to grab Ove off the shelf and bring it home? Nope!

It’s difficult to review this book without giving away any spoilers. Ove is a man who has had a rough time in life. He’s old, bitter, and quite grouchy much of the time. One day, Ove’s new neighbors crash into Ove’s mailbox interrupting his day and his life. His new neighbors quickly learn that Ove likes things the way he likes them and doesn’t take nonsense from anyone, even a cat. He can be blunt, rude, and unfriendly. Turns out, he can also be kind and thoughtful. I loved him!

Ove is a beautifully developed complex character who teaches readers about life – the good, the bad, the love, the hate, the big breaks, and the tough luck.

There is so much to say about this book, but again, I don’t want to give away any spoilers. I will just say that this book made me feel – I mean, really feel. This is one of those books that makes you reflect on life. I think fans of Mitch Albom would enjoy this book. Just keep the tissues handy!


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