Book Review: Differella by Jim and Kay Story

DifferellaI love books. So when people I love write books that I love, life is pretty amazing! My aunt and uncle have joined together to produce an incredible children’s book, which offers a reminder that it is okay, even more than okay, to be a little bit different. I found Differella to be deeply moving, and I share it here in the hopes of encouraging others to read it, share it, and help spread awareness that different is not a bad thing. It’s just different.

In Differella, we meet a little girl on the Autism spectrum. She is a beautiful little girl. She has feelings, an active imagination, and dreams just like the rest of us. But she sees the world a little differently than we do. She doesn’t just see the world differently, she feels the world differently. She has some behaviors that we may want to initially write off as strange or odd. We may be tempted to label her or dismiss her as a “problem child.” But just because she sees and feels things differently than many people doesn’t make her a problem, it makes her unique. It makes her who she is. I had tears in my eyes by the time I finished reading this book.

Differella is a 19 page picture book, and it is available for download now on Amazon. It is an excellent tool for both adults and children to take a look from the inside out and understand kids like Differella.

I highly encourage you to give this book a read!


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