All About BookExpo and BookCon

book-heart2If you are anything like me (and I’m assuming you are because, hey, you’re reading my book blog!) when you hear things like BookExpo or BookCon, you immediately conjure images of rows upon rows of books, authors, authors signing books, people standing in clusters discussing their favorite books and new and upcoming books…basically you picture book heaven. With this year’s BookExpo and BookCon over, I have seen a lot of highlights popping up in my social media feeds. What I have found interesting is that while many people have heard of BookExpo and BookCon, there is still a lot of confusion around just what they are. Are they the same thing or two different events? Are they open to everyone? Where is it held? And the ultimate question…when will the next one be and can I go? I tackle these questions and more in this post dedicated to the annual BookExpo/ BookCon.

Question 1: What is BookExpo and what is BookCon?

BookExpo is an annual event showcasing new and upcoming authors and books that are anticipated to be huge hits. It is a professional event which allows for those in the publishing industry to meet and greet one another as well as network and learn from each other. BookExpo attendees are typically professionals within the publishing industry including buyers for bookstores, librarians, literary agents, licensing agents, book club leaders, etc. Sometimes BookExpo opens to consumers on the last day, but this is subject to change from year to year.

BookCon is an annual two day event similar to the New York Comic Con but with the focus being on books. Basically, it is the ultimate place to geek out over your favorite books and authors! You can bring your favorite books from home in the hopes of having them autographed, you can meet authors, buy books, mix and mingle with fellow bookworms, and you are sure to see some dressed up as their favorite characters (or join in the fun yourself!). Unlike BookExpo, this is not a professional industry event but focuses rather on consumers.

While these are two separate events, they were combined this year into one long book binge. BookExpo took place at the Javits Center in NYC from May 31-June 2, and then BookCon took place immediately following at the Javits Center from June 3-4.

Question 2: How do I attend?

If you are an industry professional and would like to register for BookExpo, you may do so via their website. Registration for 2018 is not available yet, but you may sign up to be notified when registration opens or follow them via social media for updates.

If you are a book lover like myself and want to attend next year’s BookCon, they also have a website and social media pages that you may follow for updates.

Question 3: How much does it cost to attend?

Ticket prices for each event vary. BookExpo has different prices based on what business category you fall into (librarian, literary agent, author, etc.). BookCon has different prices for adults and kids and pricing can vary depending on when you buy your tickets. Helpful Hint: It is usually cheaper to buy your tickets online ahead of time and then you get the added bonus of having your tickets mailed to you and don’t have to deal with long lines at the actual event. For current ticket prices, check out the websites listed in the answer to question 2.

Question 4: Why should I consider attending either of these events?

Great question! If you love books, I can’t think of many reasons NOT to attend BookCon. You will get the opportunity to meet authors, possibly get autographs, meet other book lovers with similar interests, get the buzz on upcoming books, and explore New York City. What’s not to love?

If you are in the publishing industry or striving to be, then BookExpo could be a great networking opportunity for you. It’s the ultimate place to mix and mingle with industry professionals and experts, and it just may provide the right contact or right direction to help you get going or keep going strong.

Question 5: Where can I find more information about these two events?

Both BookExpo and BookCon have their own websites (see the answer to question 2 or the links below) as well as social media pages so you can stay up to date on the latest news and plan ahead for your trip next year. Unfortunately for me, this year’s events were right after my graduation and the timing just didn’t work out. However, now that I’m officially done with school, I hope to attend next year. Hope to see you there!

– Kait




2 thoughts on “All About BookExpo and BookCon

  1. In your post, shouldn’t “basically you picture book heaven” be “basically youR picture book heaven” (Capital letter so you can easily see my correction)?


    1. Hi Rob, Thanks for your comment. It is correct as is. What I am listing are things you do – you conjure images…you picture book heaven. Also, youR picture book heaven would imply that BookExpo or BookCon are made up of only picture books, which is not the case. They are not exclusive to children’s literature. Hope this helps clarify! Thank you for visiting the blog!


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