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Exciting News! Kait’s Bookshelf is Now Offering Editing Services!

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I would like to start this post with a HUGE THANK YOU to everyone who has followed, shared, liked, and supported Kait’s Bookshelf since I created this blog last summer. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time sharing a love of books with so many people and connecting with so many new authors. As most of you know, I left my corporate job three years ago and went back to school to pursue my Bachelor of Arts degree in Writing. I am excited to say that that journey is coming to an end as I prepare to graduate in May!

As I look toward the future, I have decided that I need to work in the field that I am most passionate about and that is books – reading them, writing them, reviewing them, editing them…pretty much all aspects of the book industry fascinate me.

Through Kait’s Bookshelf, I have learned of the need that exists for new authors to receive honest and professional feedback on their writing. I have spent the last several months thinking about how I might contribute to this need, beyond just giving reviews. Having been asked a few times if I do any freelance editing work, I am excited that I can now say the answer is yes!

Drumroll please…I have decided to start my own editing business! Another Look Editing will be up and running on April 1st! Please feel free to visit the new website and look around. Services and rates have been posted along with some information about myself and FAQS. I have also updated my social media widgets and some links on this blog to route to the new pages for the business. But, rest assured, I will keep blogging! I love to write and I love to talk all about books. Kait’s Bookshelf is not going anywhere!

Again, I am so grateful to everyone who has encouraged and supported me on this journey. I am very excited to start my next chapter!


Author: kaitsbookshelf

I am back in school full time and will graduate in May 2017 with my Bachelor of Arts in Writing. I love everything about books and created this blog to have a creative place to share my passion for books with others. I am now offering editing services through my new website, www.AnotherLookEditing.com but I will continue to blog at Kait's Bookshelf. Thanks for visiting my blog!

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