Book Review: Esme’s Wish by Elizabeth Foster


There’s nothing quite like poolside reading. Sunlight dances across the water creating circles of light while palm trees create shadows that wave upon the pool’s floor. It’s relaxing and peaceful and…magical. There is just something about water, be it pool or ocean, that is magical. For me, it conjures stories of mermaids, magical lagoons, secret caves, and adventure. Luckily, I had just the book for my poolside reading this week.

Esme’s Wish is the debut young adult novel from author Elizabeth Foster. The book opens with teenage Esme raising her hand to object at her father’s wedding – it is impossible to not be hooked right away! I loved this opening. Too often, writers tend to fill the first few pages with background information. While at times this can be helpful, it is much more exciting for the reader to jump right into the story and let the important details reveal themselves. Ms. Foster did this beautifully!

Esme’s mother, Ariane, was presumed dead. She had vanished at sea years before. Except Esme isn’t convinced that she’s dead and is determined to find out exactly what happened and where her mother is. She remembers stories of a magical place called Esperance, stories from her childhood, stories from her mother’s notebook. Angry, hurt, and lonely, Esme sets off on her own and finds herself on the journey of a lifetime.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book. I loved Esme’s determination and I loved the unbreakable bond between mother and daughter. Esme’s Wish overflows with creativity, imagination, and originality. I tend to take breaks from reading the fantasy genre when I find myself reading the same story over and over again. However, Esme’s Wish, while employing some typical fantasy traits such as the presence of dragons and magic, was a completely original story. I loved the land of Esperance and I could picture its beauty in my mind while reading. Esme and her friends, Daniel and Lillian, were well-developed characters. And again, I loved that Esme’s quest was spirited by her love for her mom.

Esme’s Wish was a nice escape. There were no cell phones or modern technology. It was all imagination and magic. I loved that!

Esme’s Wish is available now!


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