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Book Review: Match Made in Manhattan by Amanda Stauffer

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Match Made in ManhattanI’ve been married for six years now. I’ve been with my husband for eight years. We met fifteen years ago. While we dated other people before becoming a couple, it was before the whole online dating scene really became popular. While I have friends who have found successful relationships online, I have others who have not been so lucky. But I’ve never experienced it for myself. Enter Match Made in Manhattan, Amanda Stauffer’s debut novel. Reading this book, I got to experience online dating through Alison as she turned to an internet matchmaking site after a break-up with a longtime boyfriend.

I found this book to be a light, easy read, though the beginning was a bit of a challenge. The paragraphs jumped around a bit and left me wondering, “Wait, what just happened?” I would be reading one scene and a break between paragraphs would indicate a new scene. But there wasn’t always a smooth transition into that next scene. It would often open with dialogue and I wouldn’t know who was speaking or what the context was. It was like walking in on the middle of a conversation. But once I got through the first chapter, it became easier to read and follow what was going on.

I liked Alison, and I found her relatable in a couple of ways. Her desire to find a “match” was totally relatable. I also thought she was brave for being willing to try something new and venture into online dating. She is totally smart and has an awesome job restoring old historic buildings. I also found her struggles at work true to the corporate world. She is fighting for the proper recognition at work, just like so many do.

Alison’s online dating adventures were amusing, and frankly, I’m grateful that I never had to go through that. I don’t think I could put myself out there like she did. There were times when the story and dialogue felt repetitive, but then I had to remind myself that this whole book is about Alison repeatedly going on first dates and meeting new guys so some repetition is understandable. It just became difficult for me after a while to distinguish one guy from another. But that’s probably what the online dating world feels like sometimes – meeting the same person over and over until you find that one who stands out, the one you remember because he is really unique.

I enjoyed the strong female friendships in this book. It’s always a plus when I can read about women being supportive of one another. I also enjoyed the ending. I won’t give away any spoilers. I’ll just say it took me by surprise, and I love it when a book surprises me!

Overall, I think this book would be a great beach/ poolside read or ideal for a long car or plane ride. When you find yourself wanting to escape into a light, amusing read, pick up Match Made in Manhattan.

Match Made in Manhattan releases on January 23, 2018. Pre-order your copy here!

I received an advance reading copy of this book from the author and Skyhorse Publishing in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.

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