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So Long, Farewell…

…to my read for fun time! My fall semester started today and my classes start tomorrow, so the struggle to find time to read for fun continues. I am determined this semester to find time for myself to read for fun, to take a break from the required reading to remind myself of why I love getting lost in a book. Now, don’t get me wrong, not all required reading is bad. I was quite excited to see Jane Eyre and Pride and Prejudice on my reading list for one of my classes this semester. I love both of those books, and the idea of revisiting them is exciting! It’s also nice to take a break every once in a while from contemporary reads to revisit some classics.

My goal is to continue to provide two new posts a week about books, including new book reviews. I am determined to do this! I’ve already thought of ways to sneak reading in during my non-study moments of the day…read while on the treadmill (been there, done that and it IS quite doable!), read while enjoying a relaxing bubble bath after a long day or week, read while in the car (no, I don’t mean while driving, I mean while being a passenger!), read while on lunch break, and I’m sure I’ll think of other ways. I also enjoy reading just before bed as a way to calm my mind from the craziness of the day. I always sleep better when I allow my mind to relax for a few before my head hits the pillow. How do you busy readers and bloggers sneak reading time into your hectic schedules? If anyone has any tips or advice, I’m all ears!

I will have a new review for you later this week. I’m finishing Beautiful Ruins by Jess Walter, and I can’t wait to write my review. This book keeps surprising me! I also have a stack of books from the library, some with the ever-intimidating RETURN WITHIN 7 DAYS sticker on them, so wish me luck that I can use the upcoming long weekend to sneak in the last of my summer reading wish list!

That’s all for today except for a HUGE THANK YOU to all of you who have started reading, following, sharing, and commenting on my blog this summer. I hesitated about whether I should start this blog before or after I finished school, but I truly believe that when you’re passionate about something, there is no time like the present!

Thank you! More book reviews and book news to come…