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Book Review: Into the Water by Paula Hawkins

Into the WaterI spent last summer trying to find the next The Girl on the Train only to be disappointed every time. Sure, there were thrillers and many were quite good, but none of them kept me on the edge of my seat the way that book had. None of them kept me furiously flipping page after page, thinking I had figured out “whodunit” only to be convinced on the next page that it must have been someone else. I was beginning to think that a thriller like that might be a one-time thing. But then Ms. Hawkins wrote another book…
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Review: The Couple Next Door by Shari Lapena

the-couple-next-doorIf you thought The Girl on the Train kept you on your toes, wait til you meet The Couple Next Door!! THIS is the thriller I’ve been seeking all summer! I read this book in two days, and believe me, with my heavy school workload this semester, that says a lot about this book. I could not put it down. I read the first half of it in one sitting.

Anne and Marco are just a normal couple with a new baby girl on a nice street in a nice neighborhood. Everything about them screams stereotypical middle class family. Except not everything or everyone is always as they seem, are they? Keep on Reading!