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June Wrap-Up!

June Wrap UpSo my next post was supposed to be my review of Sisters One, Two, Three by Nancy Star, but I’ve decided to try a little something different. June has been an exciting month for me! Not only have I finally been able to dive back into my world of reading now that school is over, but I’ve been able to start taking on freelance writing and editing projects as well.

I am thrilled that I’ve been able to blog at least twice a week this month. I love sharing new books that I’ve discovered, and I’ve really enjoyed sharing writing and editing tips, too. Now that I’m back to posting regularly and will have several posts each month, I’ve decided that going forward, I will do a month end wrap-up post, recapping my posts from that month, giving readers a chance to catch up where they might have missed one or two, and highlighting my favorite read from the month. If you were looking forward to my review of Sisters One, Two, Three, don’t worry – it will be my next post – I promise! So, here we go, my first official month-end wrap-up!

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Book Review: Into the Water by Paula Hawkins

Into the WaterI spent last summer trying to find the next The Girl on the Train only to be disappointed every time. Sure, there were thrillers and many were quite good, but none of them kept me on the edge of my seat the way that book had. None of them kept me furiously flipping page after page, thinking I had figured out “whodunit” only to be convinced on the next page that it must have been someone else. I was beginning to think that a thriller like that might be a one-time thing. But then Ms. Hawkins wrote another book…
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