My Take on the Marie Kondo Book Controversy

One of my bookshelves. Yes, there are over 30 books! 🙂

After kicking off the New Year with some unseasonable warmth in the northeast, Old Man Winter showed up with bells on! January brought two intense winter storms, most recently a full-blown blizzard with unbelievably cold temps. Thankfully, my family and friends are all safe and sound and the weather seems to be tipping back toward normal over the next week or so.

As inconvenient as they are, snowstorms really aren’t all bad. They mean time to snuggle up and read or catch up on some TV. For me, that meant enjoying more of Marie Kondo’s new series on Netflix about tidying up your home and sparking joy. It has become a show I look forward to watching, but it has also recently sparked some controversy…

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