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New Reviews in Romance

I will admit that for a long time I looked down my nose at romance novels because they’re so cliché and so unrealistic! Well, I have come to the conclusion that unrealistic is okay and also the point! Many of us read to escape reality so why not escape into something that seems unrealistic? It makes it all the more exciting. We get enough reality on the daily news and most of it can be rather depressing, so why not escape reality when offered the chance!

This past week I have had the privilege of reading two new romance novels by two different authors, one established and one up-and-coming. I was surprised at how much I enjoyed both of these novels, and I hope if you’ve “given up” on romance novels like I had that you consider picking up one or both of these. One felt more like a sweet romance while the other was rather steamy, but both of them kept me turning the pages!  Keep on Reading!