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$20 per product

Do you have a product that pairs well with books like bookmarks or delicious teas or coffee? Do you have a fun, literary-inspired jewelry line or unique clothing line that you would like featured in my social media posts with a reference to your website or social media page? I regularly post pictures to my social media pages of the books I’m reading, and I’d be happy to feature your products in my posts. Some examples are a “Sock Sunday” post featuring a pair of uniquely designed socks or a “Mocha Monday” post featuring coffee and chocolate products.

A Product Post includes a one-time post to my Facebook page and one-time post to my Instagram page, each with an original photo featuring your product and a link to your product (you choose the website – Amazon, your company website, etc.).

While these posts will include detailed information about your product, they will not include any reviews or endorsements of the product. It is about getting your product in front of people so they may explore it further and decide if it is right for them. Please note: I only promote products that are cruelty free, meaning no animal testing. Also note that if you would like your product(s) returned to you after the post, you are responsible for providing a pre-paid return shipping label.

If you have any questions regarding promoting your product(s) please feel free to Contact Me.