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Literary Book Gifts – Post 1 of 3



Today’s post is an exciting one for me! It’s the first post in my first ever three-part series! In today’s post, I’ll be introducing a new literary-based online gift store (including an exclusive promo code!) Tomorrow, I will be reviewing one of their products, and then a second review of a different product will follow. If you love to flaunt your bookish personality, then keep reading to learn about Literary Book Gifts.

Literary Book Gifts is a new online store launched earlier this year. The owner, Melissa, reached out to me about reviewing her website and/ or products. I had the privilege of trying out two of her products, a tote bag and a t-shirt, and I will be reviewing those in posts to follow. First, let’s meet Melissa and learn about her new company.

Melissa was kind enough to participate in some Q&A about her business:

Q: How long has the site been in business?

A: I launched Literary Book Gifts earlier this year, the website went live just a few months ago.

Q: What led you to start a literary based business?

A: I have always loved to read and listen to stories, for as long as I can remember they have been an important part of my life. I have never been much of a writer myself so this is a different way for me to be a part of the literary community. I hope that these products resonate with writers, teachers, librarians, and of course book lovers.

Q: Do you have a favorite book/ genre?

A: I really love all genres! I am a big fan of sci-fi and horror, Christopher Priest’s The Prestige was a great book that hits both of these genres. But I also do love romance and every other genre in between. My favorite contemporary author is J.K. Rowling, I of course loved her Harry Potter series and still remember listening to the Sorcerer’s Stone such a long time ago and enjoying it immensely. But The Casual Vacancy was also great as well, and it was amazing to see Rowling’s transformation as an author and storyteller. (Melissa earned bonus points with me for this answer! LOVE Harry Potter!)

Clearly, Melissa loves all things literary, which I’m sure we can all relate to! I’m excited for Melissa and the launch of her new business, and I wish her much success. To help promote her business, Melissa has generously offered a 20% promo code to Kait’s Bookshelf followers.

To use the code, simply go to her site,, shop, and enter promo code: KAITSBOOKSHELF20 upon checkout. There is no minimum purchase required, and the code can be used multiple times!

This is a great site to keep in mind with the holiday season rapidly approaching. You can browse for gifts for the book lovers in your life or steer friends and family here to shop for you!

Thank you, Melissa, for the promo code and for sharing some insights about your business with us.

Come back tomorrow for a closer look at the products offered by Literary Book Gifts and for my review of a Literary Book Gifts tote bag!

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Author: kaitsbookshelf

I am a freelance writer and published author of multiple juvenile nonfiction books and a member of the Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators. I'm also a book reviewer and blogger.

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