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Book Review: Slow Poison by Helen Slavin

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Slow Poison

With fall getting into full swing, I’ve been craving seasonal reads – stories that take place in the fall, relate to Halloween, scary stories, and magical reads. Slow Poison fit the bill and then some! It is the second installment in the Witch Ways series by Helen Slavin about the Way sisters. Last year, I did a blog post about some of my favorite magical reads, and it’s safe to say that Slow Poison can join the others on that list.

I recommend starting this series with book one, Crooked Daylight, which is an introduction to the main characters and their backgrounds. I think you will enjoy and appreciate the sisters’ stories and struggles in Slow Poison if you’re already familiar with who they are and what they’re going through/ have been through. Plus, Slow Poison picks up right where the first book leaves off, so it’s helpful to understand the background.

Slow Poison is the story of the Way sisters – Anna Way, Charlie Way, and Emz Way. They are the granddaughters of Hettie Way and since her passing have come to the realization that she was a witch and they are too. Sounds kind of cliché, right? Well, it’s not. The reason I enjoyed this book so much is because it’s original. Yes, like several books in this genre, the girls come to realize they are witches after a family member passes away. But, unlike other books in this genre, the girls do not “inherit” their powers upon Hettie’s death. Their powers have always been there, and Hettie tried to teach them about their “Strengths” as they were growing up. The girls just didn’t realize that “Strength” was code for “power.”

When compared to other stories about witches, Slow Poison was refreshingly subtle. The Way sisters gradually come to understand, accept, and control their Strengths and are even cautious about using the word “magic.” I liked this because it seemed more realistic than stories about people who just dive right into their new powers/ responsibilities/ lives without any hesitation. The Way sisters come to understand their new roles and responsibilities while still dealing with their everyday lives – jobs, school, and relationships.

Just as the Way sisters are adjusting to their new lives and learning about their Strengths, a couple of strangers arrive in town throwing everything into chaos.

Slow Poison has the trifecta required for a good magical read: “good” magic, “bad” magic, and mystery. I enjoyed this book very much. It was the perfect start to fall reading!

Slow Poison is available now!

A very big thank you to Agora Books for the review copy! All opinions are my own.

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